When Work Means Globe Trotting

No matter how interesting your office is (and our cigar warehouse complex is fascinating), one’s professional life is inevitably enriched when allowed to step outside of their workspace to explore.

And we don’t just mean exploring local coffee shops, though that helps too. At Dunn&Co. we pride ourselves on providing unique opportunities to gain experience beyond the walls of our office, our state, and our country. Of particular note is the now legendary chance to work from our London office that is offered to all Tampa-staffers throughout the year. To be able to live and work in the UK for a month is dreamy, but it’s far from the only way our team gets out into the world.

Since our doors opened fifteen years ago, Dunn&Co. has been sending staff around the globe in order to support our clients on various projects. And once the job is done, we try to broaden our horizons by taking in the sights, sounds and culture of the spectacularly interesting cities in which we find ourselves. Take for instance Danielle Franks, one of our unstoppable Senior Account Executives. If you talked to Danielle recently you’d probably notice something different about her. Is she wiser, more well traveled? Is she jet-lagged? The answer to each of these questions is yes, because she recently completed trips to seven countries over a three-month period as part of a video production for one of our larger clients. Most people would have dropped dead from culture shock and exhaustion but, like we said, she’s unstoppable. Since most might normally start with detailing the splendors of Paris, Venice and London (Danielle’s got plenty to talk about from visits to these amazing capitals), instead we’ll take a peek at some highlights from her less-travelled locales, which she enjoyed in the company of her Dunn&Co. colleagues.

Lunde, Sweden

We’d be remiss to begin this list without mentioning Danielle’s first destination: the sleepy college town of Lunde was all the more sleepy since school was not in session. Its location lent itself to day trips out to the Swedish coast, where Danielle and our Studio Director, Dylan Melcher, visited fishing villages and some of the beautiful rock formations unique to the area. While staying in Lunde they were so close to Denmark that they were able to sneak over to Copenhagen for a not-so-out-of-the-way dinner.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Danielle and Dylan were also able to explore scenic Lake Lucerne, Switzerland’s fourth largest lake known for very clear, very blue, very cold water. After a quick dip on one of the many open beaches around its strange four-armed perimeter, they spent the day biking around the city center.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux was a highlight, not only for its beauty, but for the mad scramble Danielle and Dylan found themselves in when a shoot location fell through. After saving the day, and the production, they took their bikes around the city to enjoy the riverside cafes.

Bologna, Italy

Danielle grew incredibly familiar with Bologna, a city that she explored with our London-based Associate Creative Director, Grant Gunderson. During her time there she accidentally joined an enormous march in support of breast cancer awareness, explored the taxidermy-filled depths of one of the world’s oldest biology departments, scaled a tall leaning tower (not that one), and hiked repeatedly through the countryside to her hotel on the outskirts of town.

And these are just the highlights. To find out about her other adventures, you’ll have to steal Danielle’s travel diary. Or, you know, you could ask nicely.