Departmental Gift Guide 2018

Face it. You don’t know what to get the eclectic advertising professional in your life. That’s why you’ve procrastinated, putting off your present purchases until the last possible second. Since we want to help you get us gifts for the holidays, we’ve compiled lists of gifts organized by job title. Best of all: most everything listed is available with two day shipping on Amazon.


Account Services

2019 Planner

The Account Executive in your life is likely the most organized person you know. Give them a helping hand.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

That scope of work isn’t going to write itself. This will help them focus.

Office Plants

Because creatives missing deadlines aren’t brightening up their day.



Marble Anything

A pretty, portable texture for all their photography needs.

Capturing the Light Book

Sure to make some light bulbs go off in their head.



What Do You Meme

Encourage literacy in the primary language of the digital world: memes.

UX/UI Stencils

Even websites start out on paper.

Reusable Rocket Notebooks

Disclaimer — not on prime, but worth the wait. Like a regular notebook, but connected to the internet.



iPad Pro

Great for creating, and also for procrastinating.

22HD Wacom Cintiq Drawing Tablet

You know they’ll love a drawing tablet. We know they’ll love this one.

Field Note Books

The perfectly cool, perfectly disposable notebook.

AP Stylebook

Help them brush up on that stuff they forgot.


They’ve got words. Give them a place to display them.

Fisher Space Pen

In case they get a bright idea on-the-go. Or in the shower. Or space.