We’ve been partners with Grow Financial for a good long while, helping Tampa’s homegrown credit union to upend banking with its ‘people over profit’ mission.

One way we do it is by giving Grow’s internal team the tools they need to dominate in digital without breaking a sweat. It all began with a new website and email template, built from gloriously flexible content modules. From this foundation, we were able to evolve the site - incorporating feedback from usability testing, analytics, and SEO audits - to produce a flourishing digital ecosystem for engaging and acquiring new members.


Our most recent membership acquisition campaign exceeded industry benchmarks for nearly every tactic. But not ones to rest on our laurels, we uncovered opportunities for creative, media and web optimizations that resulted in a 60% increase in conversion rates. The campaign resulted in a 30% increase in applications compared to the succeeding non-campaign period, and a 21% higher percentage of approved applications year over year.

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