How do we bring bold flavor and value into the digital world? Inspired by convenience, diners and drive-throughs, Checkers and Rally’s is a fast foodie favorite. They approached our team with the challenge of creating a new, bold, juicy and appetizing website that would better represent their brand in the digital world. "We offer big, messy, juicy items and we want our website to reflect it," they said. “It’s called flavorhood." The Approach The first step was to bring their irresistible food appeal front and center. We accomplished this by focusing on big item photography on darker backgrounds to make the ingredients really stand-out. We modernized design elements to represent that tactile beauty of their physical drive-thrus and urban cool. We know our audience looks for value and convenience, so we utilized a UI design that was simple and streamlined for a smooth user experience. Easy store locators, clear offers and bold headlines were all used to give the user a quick hit of boldness to direct the user to what they really want: a nearby store and a great, juicy burger for the best price.