Our Summer Interns Work On More Than Their Tans

While most college kids come to Florida to sit on our sunny beaches under a palm tree, our interns are a different breed. They are hard at work helping us across all departments of the agency. Since it’s our firm belief that interesting people make interesting work, we wanted to get to know what makes our interns unique.

Here’s what we found out:

Carlos was born in Mexico and taught himself English by watching the Power Rangers, was a licensed realtor for six months (hated it), and considers himself the MacGyver of forts.

Katelyn was a competitive dancer for 6 years, her favorite Disney princess is Ariel, and her favorite books are ones that have a shocking twist at the end.

Jessica was raised by motorcycle-loving parents and plans to buy her very own bike soon (in pink….her favorite color), she dedicated herself to refining the art of frying the perfect egg, and hates chocolate.

Danielle is obsessed with snakes, flew to Texas once just to eat lobster bisque, and her favorite smell is fruity pebbles cereal.

Sara has been kissed by 6 country singers in the middle of their concerts, used to write for the FBI, and once traveled to 14 cities in five countries in less than two weeks.