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There’s a lot of award-winning talent in this town but for some reason it’s still not a big blip on the Ad World radar. We’re out to change that. Dunn&Co. wants to be for Tampa what Fallon is for Minneapolis, Crispin is for Boulder, and Martin is for the entire state of Virginia. If you know who those agencies are and know what we’re talking about then we want to talk to you whether we have an opening or not.

Senior Art Director/Designer

Dunn&Co. is a pretty good shop. Not just because our walls are full of trophies, but because we care. We care about our people and our clients, and helping both of them win.

We’re often considered one of the Southeast’s leading branding and advertising agencies. That happens when you’re able to survive 20 years in this business and make work that matters along the way. But what makes us special is our relentless desire to build a team that works together with passion and empathy. If this appeals to you, please read on.

Dunn&Co. is looking for a Senior Art Director/Designer.

This Creative loves to create and collaborate. 

This Creative’s got serious skills, while recognizing they still have things to learn in a constantly evolving industry. With that said, proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are non-negotiable.

This Creative has a big brain. They can conjure huge, provocative ideas, but be just as capable with the fine details. Their portfolio should show a range of expertly crafted work from the smallest of tactical pieces to fully integrated, concept-driven campaigns. 

This Creative is a team player. They’re a positive force and gracious while working with others across all of the agency’s departments.

This Creative can do both. They should be just as comfortable taking ownership of projects from start to finish as they are helping wrap up one of their comrade’s projects.

This Creative is savvy. They recognize every assignment is an opportunity to create something novel, stunning, and disruptive. They also recognize every assignment needs to accomplish certain, specific client goals. 

This Creative understands the two are not mutually exclusive.

This Creative should not only be able to create a brand, but execute new designs based on current identity standards.

This Creative should have 7+ years of print, web, and/or interactive graphic design experience, preferably at an ad agency, in order to be seriously considered.

This Creative must, above all else, be kind. If your style fits in with what you see on our site, we’d like to talk to you.

This position is based in Tampa, Fl and is not available for remote workers.

Salary range is $70-80K, depending on portfolio and experience.


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