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There’s a lot of award-winning talent in this town but for some reason it’s still not a big blip on the Ad World radar. We’re out to change that. Dunn&Co. wants to be for Tampa what Fallon is for Minneapolis, Crispin is for Boulder, and Martin is for the entire state of Virginia. If you know who those agencies are and know what we’re talking about then we want to talk to you whether we have an opening or not.

Dunn Health Account Supervisor

Dunn&Co.’s a pretty good shop. Not just because our walls are full of trophies, but because we care. We care about our people and our clients, and about how to help both of them win.

Yes, we’ve been named Small Agency of the Year by AdAge and are considered a leading branding and advertising agency in the Southeast. That happens when you’re able to make smart work that the masses and clients grin at. But what makes us admirable is our desire to build a team that works together with passion and consideration. If this appeals to you, please read on.

Dunn&Co. has an immediate opening for an Account Supervisor within its DunnHealth division. The Account Supervisor must work in person with our team in Tampa Bay.

The Account Supervisor is a primary contact for both the day-to-day project work and strategic leadership for our clients. This role involves strategy, both account planning and business strategy, and project management with a focus on the healthcare industry. Our healthcare clients include medical device, medical technology, and healthcare services brands. The successful candidate will not only have proven experience and expertise in traditional and emerging media, but will demonstrate a true passion for the work of the agency and our client’s business. This is a player-coach role.

The Account Supervisor manages relationships at all levels, both internally and with key client stakeholders, and continuously works to identify opportunities for growing and moving the client and agency business forward. Candidates must be able to leverage expert knowledge of client business issues and industry insights to provide useful business direction, maximizing our potential as an agency. The Account Supervisor recognizes that immersion into the healthcare category and development of a deep understanding of our clients’ business is critical for success of the agency, and this role.




Our estimated range for this role is $80k – $90k. Compensation packages are based on the skill level and experience that each candidate brings to their role. A more senior or junior position could be a better fit with your expertise. Each level has its own compensation range. We benchmark each position against existing employee competencies and industry compensation data which includes geographic and agency size benchmarks. 

There are many things that make Dunn&Co an awesome place to work, but we think these are worth a special mention:



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