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There’s a lot of award-winning talent in this town but for some reason it’s still not a big blip on the Ad World radar. We’re out to change that. Dunn&Co. wants to be for Tampa what Fallon is for Minneapolis, Crispin is for Boulder, and Martin is for the entire state of Virginia. If you know who those agencies are and know what we’re talking about then we want to talk to you whether we have an opening or not.

Account Executive

Dunn&Co.’s a pretty good shop—not just because our walls are full of trophies but because we care. We care about our people and our clients and how to help both of them win.

Yes, AdAge named us Small Agency of the Year and considers us a leading branding and advertising agency in the Southeast. That happens when you’re able to make smart work that both the masses and clients grin at. But what makes us admirable is our desire to build a team that works together with passion and consideration. If this appeals to you, please read on. 

Account Executive Position

Dunn&Co. has an immediate opening for an Account Executive. We are only looking for local talent or those willing to relocate.

Do you like hats? Our Account Executives wear quite a few. They’re responsible for building and maintaining strong working relationships and managing all marketing campaigns and projects across our client base. You will be required to wear an execution hat, as well as support the client’s strategy, vision, and business growth. You’ll also collaborate (and/or lovingly arm wrestle) with our creative team and serve up your own great ideas. Candidates perfect for this job will be highly organized, proactive, and demonstrate a keen ability to prioritize and manage a high volume of projects. 

You must be able to leverage expert knowledge of client business issues and industry insights to provide useful business direction, maximizing our potential as an agency. 




Salary range

$47,000-$65,000 depending on experience and talent


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