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There’s a lot of award-winning talent in this town but for some reason it’s still not a big blip on the Ad World radar. We’re out to change that. Dunn&Co. wants to be for Tampa what Fallon is for Minneapolis, Crispin is for Boulder, and Martin is for the entire state of Virginia. If you know who those agencies are and know what we’re talking about then we want to talk to you whether we have an opening or not.

Account Director

Dunn&Co.’s a pretty good shop. Not just because our walls are full of trophies, but because we care about our people and our clients, and about how to help both of them win. Yes, we’re often considered one of the Southeast’s leading branding and advertising agencies. That happens when you’re able to survive 18 years in this biz, and you make work that the masses and clients grin at. But what makes us admirable is our desire to build a team that works together with passion and consideration. If this appeals to you, please read on.

Dunn&Co. has an immediate opening for an Account Director. We are only looking for local talent, or those willing to relocate. We’re looking for a dynamic, likable player/coach who can lead existing accounts, while growing our team of account executives and account coordinators. The Account Director is responsible to manage the process of acquiring new clients and to sustain the overall health, profitability, and longevity of our current accounts.

The Account Director will directly supervise all account service staff, offering support, guidance, and counsel. Candidates should be friendly, ambitious, detail-oriented, and have a passion for all things advertising. The account director must be persuasive and compelling in client presentations with exceptional communication skills.




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