Human nature and Mother Nature rarely see eye to eye. In fact, more often than not the two seem like opposite sides of the same coin. But this isn’t the case on the island of Bonaire. This hidden gem of the Dutch Caribbean is home to 6,700 acres of protected marine reserve, animal sanctuaries, a thriving tourist economy and some of the most welcoming people on the planet.

Our task was to re-position and re-brand the island nation in a way that celebrated the unique balance found there: the harmony that exists between the culture of the island with that of the nature of the island. We spent months immersing ourselves, strategizing, learning and experiencing all the island had to offer. Then we got to work.

The result begins with a new logo and tagline – It’s In Our Nature ­– which leads into a modern, vibrant campaign that zigs where the competition zags. Thinking bigger than just beaches and sunsets, It’s In Our Nature is primarily inspired by the island’s appreciation of the planet combined with the warmth of its culture, but also includes facets of high-end fashion and leisure brands, analog photographers and of course, the feeling you get when you’re there. Our launch video, “It’s Different Here”, presents a new kind of eco-friendly travel where natural beauty, luxury and local culture can all be celebrated at once.

Working hand in hand with Bonaire’s tourism board, we’ve ushered in a new era for the island, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Why? It’s in our nature.