London Chronicles: Silvana & Stephanie

Each month, different members of our Tampa-based Dunn&Co. team work from our London office. Recently, Art Directors Silvana Aguilar and Stephanie Morrison ventured across the Atlantic for their turn. Here’s what they had to say about their adventure.

We led our daily hustle and bustle with a smile as we “Minded the Gap” with fellow podcast-listening commuters, grabbed a cup of coffee at the station’s Costa, and ran in to Tesco Express for our daily 4£ lunch deal.

The Dunn&Co. London office is situated in a borough of quaint shops and local food markets, which made it easy to get out for a “lovely” lunch-hour stroll. We could not have asked for a better opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues while being able to take in the sites of London and its surrounding countries.

We planned to fill our weekends with off-the-beaten-path explorations, so we got our traveling feet wet by starting in the artsy beach town of Brighton. From there, we ventured out in a rental car the size of a Fiat, and drove on the opposite side of the road (from what we were used to) up the northern coast of Ireland.

The windy, sheep-flanked roads led us through the Giant’s Causeway, over a rope suspension bridge, and to eating potato bread with our local host families in our B&Bs. From Ireland, we played in the snowy mountains of Switzerland and stocked up on Laderach Swiss Chocolates.

Fast Forward to Spain, the Southern Andalucia region. A two-hour bus ride from Malaga led us to the beautiful sites of Ronda, Spain’s white, cliff-top village. From there, we walked through the Alhambra in Granada, danced our way through Seville with locals, and watched an authentic Flamenco show while drinking tons of wine and eating mouth-watering tapas. We finished with a relaxing stroll through Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento, Italy and stayed in the most amazing hotels for close to nothing all because it was off season!

A handful of trains, busses, flights and 15 cities later, our bags were packed for our last stroll through our home borough in London. Ciao Europe! Until next time!