London Chronicles: Kathryn & Kayla

Each month, different members of our Tampa-based Dunn&Co. team work from our London office. Account Coordinator Kayla Lum and Digital Account Coordinator Kathryn Tromba were the latest to venture across the Atlantic. Read what they had to say about their time there:

4:44. No, not the new Jay-Z album. Rather, a number to signify our successful adventure across the Atlantic Ocean. Because when we hopped on our flight from Orlando International to London Gatwick, we had no idea what was in store. We’d eventually find out that patiently waiting for us when we landed were lessons, emotions and memories that were more than we ever could have imagined. More on that later, though.

First stop: London. Our four-week stay in London didn’t fool us into thinking we had unlimited time to explore. We got to it right away. So after exploring the heart of London and the likely tourist stops, we ventured to the outskirts of the city. It was those aimless adventurous that made the trip unforgettable: beer and shopping at Boxpark in Shoreditch; delicious Indian food at the Kingston street market; riding the Overground train to underground concerts; and an embarrassing amount of visits to Pizza GoGo (the Dominos of London, so we’ve heard). And when we got comfortable with London, we found ourselves getting our passports stamped yet again in a new city called Paris. Our nights in the city of love were spent under the Eiffel Tower with giddy hearts and €1 wine in tow.

The fifth and final week of our journey came too quickly, and when it was time to say goodbye to England, we took a quick leap over the Irish Sea and landed in Dublin. Our short stint in Ireland was spent making new friends over multiple rounds of Guinness, and taking a long journey to the West coast to see the remarkable Cliffs of Moher.

Next up, Italy. As you can imagine, visiting Italy was like living in a desktop background. We jumped on a boat to Capri; swam in blue, green and every-color grottos; jumped off cliffs; and watched the sunset from our rooftop (with more wine). After too many servings of gelato, calzones, pizza and pasta in the Amalfi Coast, we ended up jumping on a train up to Florence for more servings of cheese, carbs and yes… more wine. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t tour Tuscan vineyards while there, and they didn’t disappoint. La dolce vida.

The last portion of our trip was spent in Barcelona Copenhagen. (Pay attention; this is where the 4:44 comes in.) Just as we were about to board our flight to Barcelona, we were informed of the terrorist attacks that took place at Las Ramblas avenue and decided to miss our flight. We spent what felt like forever sitting in the airport researching a new direction to take this journey. So, over to Copenhagen it was. In 24 hours, we checked into a hotel room smaller than a closet; did as the locals do and rented bikes; toured the city; ate Danish food from the market; and found a hidden cocktail bar – and not in that order. And in the midst of all the craziness, we found peace in the fact that Copenhagen ended up being one of our favorite spots of the trip. Everything happens for a reason, right?

As we wrapped up our last day in Copenhagen (and our last day of our five-week long adventure), we couldn’t help but to stop into a trendy little tattoo shop to commemorate our trip. On Kayla’s ankle and on Kathryn’s arm sits the time 4:44, a number signifying that the angels were with us this trip, and this beautiful, challenging, incredible opportunity is one that that we’ll always be grateful to have experienced.