London Chronicles: Allison

Each month, different members of our Tampa-based Dunn&Co. team work from our London office. Recently, Account Executive Allison Barkett ventured across the Atlantic for her turn. Check out what she had to say about her adventure.

As the seventh adventurer to the London office, I’d gotten some tips and tricks from our previous travelers, but was still unprepared for what an amazing experience this would be. As a born and bred Florida girl who is used to year-round summer, being in London in March was a breath of fresh air before the real heat set in back home. Either the stories of dreadful English weather are vastly exaggerated or a little bit of sunshine followed me across the pond because – apart from a few dreary days – I was able to watch the city come to life with vibrant blooms on the trees, in gardens and in the parks during chilly but sunny days.

And of course as the resident office foodie, I have to mention the food! Because of the beautiful weather, we were able to take lunch outside most days and make the most of the Kingston Ancient Market, which is within walking distance of the office. From chorizo burgers to falafel to pho, each day there was something delicious and new to experience. I quickly made friends with the man at the Italian bakery, where bite-sized cannoli became a vital part of my afternoons. 

I was able to get a taste of London life by mixing my weekends with a variety of tourist attractions and exploring local neighborhoods. To top off my trip, I took a few days to explore Exmoor National Park along the coast and hiked with sheep and goats along sheer cliffs plunging into the Atlantic.

Between the museums, shops and pubs in the city, and the beautiful English countryside, it’s impossible to choose a favorite moment out of a month of amazing adventures. Cheers London, until we meet again!