Growing a Website

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union had a problem. Its website was hard to maintain—the site’s outdated coding made it nearly impossible for Grow’s internal team to update it. The credit union was growing rapidly, and it needed a modern and consumer-friendly site that could grow at the speed of business. Our team quickly got to work.

We conducted a website audit to determine what the site did well and where improvements could be made. A new site map was developed and content was developed in tune with the brand campaign we had been creating offline. Then, the UX and dev wizardry began.

The site needed to be templated for it to flexibly handle content of different formats. But we didn’t want it to look rigid or be restricting, as many templated sites can be. So, Lissy, our resident UX Queen, took a different tact and designed the site to be completely modular through a heavily modified version of WordPress.

This allows Grow’s team to swiftly build new pages by mixing and matching modules and selecting from a pool of content-ready modules we created. The result is a beautiful and easy-to-maintain site with a seamless UX experience consumers will appreciate.

At least fifteen Dunn&Co. staffers from multiple departments had a hand in bringing the new Grow Financial Federal Credit website to life. It’s this kind of collaboration that leads to our greatest successes. We’re happy to add this one to our growing list.