Fired Up for Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones has been smokin’ expectations for over twenty years. With over 60 locations in the Southeast, Midwest and Northeast, they’ve grown into a favorite for their hand-pulled pork, house-smoked wings, and towering burgers. But they were looking to fan the flames of growth in an increasingly challenging and competitive marketplace.

We were ready for the opportunity. During the RFP process, we visited five restaurants around the country to get a first-hand account of their strengths and areas for improvement. Using our many years of restaurant expertise, we crafted a plan that built upon core values while including modern trends and tastes. And, as is our style, we ensured that the plan moved beyond traditional advertising and branding tactics to address the wider issues of operations, signage and menus.

The scope, depth and straight-talk of the plan set the client’s hearts on fire, and they hired us as agency of record. We share a passion for great BBQ, great branding and great ideas, and the future is brighter than ever.