Finally, An Award Our Parents Have Heard Of

We’ll get right to it: Dunn&Co. was just awarded by the Emmys for not one, but two of our projects from the past year.

At our agency we spend a lot of time trying to catch Clios, reach for Pencils, and hunt down Lions. But there’s something different, and special, about winning an Emmy. It doesn’t just carry prestige within our industry. It’s an award that everyone including our mothers (who famously don’t understand our line of work) has heard of. In some ways, that makes these Emmys some of the most gratifying recognition we’ve ever received.

Our first Emmy goes to our work for The Florida Department of Transportation. Our TV commercial “Driverless Cars” was an enormous production and special effects undertaking, marshaling the talents of six professional makeup artists for over 20 hours of detailed body paint work. The end result communicated a powerful message: that when you drive distracted, you’re barely there at all.

Check out the full Driverless Cars campaign for the FDOT here.

Our second Emmy goes to the latest entry in our Distant Thunder series for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Each year for Distant Thunder we bring all of our cinematic talents to bear as we document the Lightning’s powerful and far-reaching fandom. This particular chapter followed the story of a Colombian youth hockey team who have fashioned themselves after our hometown heroes, and who have always dreamed of seeing the Lightning play in Tampa Bay.

See more of our award winning-work for the Lightning and beyond.

It should go without saying, but our entire team is honored to have been honored by such an esteemed organization as the Television Academy and their Emmy Awards.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading our acceptance speech. Cheers.