Fall Interns, Beware. You May Actually Produce Something.

Making coffee, endless trips to the copy machine, and entering mountains of invoices: that was my last internship. That’s what I expected from each internship. Then I walked into Dunn&Co.

People called me crazy when I announced my plan to move from New York to Florida, spending my whole summer interning while waiting tables at a sports bar. I, however, foresaw a priceless experience and a summer full of adventure, palm trees, and a whole lot of words.Within my first week as a copywriting intern, I knew I made a good choice. I made my script-writing debut writing butt jokes for a radio spot. The CEO sat down with me for lunch and explained exactly how to start my career. My idea for a Finding Dory joke was turned into a GIF and posted to a client’s social media. I had folders full of ideas to be made into graphics and videos that I could send home to my parents to prove I didn’t just take their credit card down to Tampa for the beaches and sunshine.

During this experience, I saw what it takes to be successful in the field I’ve grown to love and received advice, encouragement, and criticism from people who may one day be my bosses, coworkers, or competition. It was worth the full day of driving down the coast in torrential downpour and standstill traffic, and the judgmental looks I received when I told people my plan to have the most influential summer of my life. – Sara, Copywriting Intern.

Apply for a Fall internship with Dunn&Co. and get your start in advertising by working with real clients in real time. There are three positions available – Design intern, Production intern and Copywriter intern.  The program runs from September 6th through December 1st, 2016 with hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12PM to 5PM, with college credit eligibility required.  But you should probably learn how to make coffee anyway. You’re going to need some to keep pace with the hardworking staff.  Send your resume to Shari Howard at Howard@Dunn-Co.com before August 12th to apply.