Dunn&Co. Nets Clio Award for Tampa Bay Lightning Work

Three years ago, Dunn&Co. launched a campaign for the Tampa Bay Lightning that continues today called Distant Thunder, in which we explore just how far Lightning fandom reverberates beyond Tampa and into the wider world. Last year’s installment saw our team flying to Auckland, New Zealand for four days of shooting with Callum Brown, a member of the New Zealand Armed Forces but also a die-hard Lightning fan. Despite living 8,000 miles away and halfway around the globe, in a place where hockey is far from the most popular sport, his passion for the team burns hot. We originally found Callum on a hockey message board, which led us to determine that this young man was destined to become our next Distant Thunder representative. and had the opportunity to chronicle the depths of his Lightning fandom as he showed us around his home in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Distant Thunder series has already netted us a few ad award wins since its inception, and we’re thrilled to announce that It has now won us a coveted CLIO Sports award. This is our third CLIO in four years, and our second with the Lightning. As the only agency in Central Florida to win a CLIO this year, we’re honored to share this accomplishment with our client, the Lightning, and fans like Callum all around the world.

View the Press Release here.