A More Honest Web

Advertising is no stranger to stretched truths and hyperbole. Doubly so on the web, where both people and brands are increasingly saying and doing whatever they please, seemingly without restraint or conscience.

Enter WÓDKA vodka.

Over the past two years we’ve helped WÓDKA build their identity as an honest, award-winning Polish vodka sold at an honest price. No frills. No fluff. No BS.

Such an honest vodka demands an equally honest web presence – one that speaks truth about itself as much as it would provide what digital users crave, both in their post-working-hour cocktails as well as their web browsing habits.

The new WÓDKA website incorporates intuitive UX, a classic design, and just the right amount of cleverness. It encourages vodka lovers to take their next sip, find their nearest watering hole, and learn the story behind WÓDKA vodka’s honest brand of vodka. Technically, its responsive design allows for viewing on all devices. Emotionally, it includes a warmly lit Cinemagraph header, which plays consistently cross-device when video might not. We’ve also crafted a brand story without contrivance or fluff. There is honesty in the little details, like renamed cocktails, and error messages that guide users through their typo, but not before teasing them a little for their mistake. There’s no generalized CTA’s or meaningless, empty-calorie content to be found here, folks.

Have a sip of honesty and check out what our latest web destination at https://wodkawodka.com. And when faced with the site’s age gate, let honesty be your guide.